Short treatment   

20-30 min $60
Meant to work on specific issues either physical or emotional.

Chakra balancing 

20-30 min     $60
For the days when you don’t have an hour for a full treatment or are just feeling out of sorts and need some balancing.

Full Treatment/Session  

60 min $80
Treatment for the full body -  physical and mental/emotional.

Distance Healing    

approx 20 min (depending on situation)   $60
This form of treatment can be used to send energy to someone who cannot come in for a treatment, an elderly less mobile person, someone in hospital, someone going thru surgery or the dentist (variety of situations). The key being that the person consents to the treatment.

Baby/child treatment   

10 – 15min     $20
Completed however baby is most comfortable


15-20 min $30
Depending on age and level of comfort will usually lay on the Reiki table. Treatment can be for anything ranging from a physical injury to nightmares or anxiety or medical condition.

Animal treatment    

10-20 min(time may vary) $20
Work on animals similar to people. It calms and promotes wellness. It can be a hands on treatment or it may require being a short distance away.

I am not medical physician, so I cannot diagnose medical/psychological problems or give medical/psychological advice. Please consult the appropriate professionals for these issues.  See your physicians regularly and keep him\her informed of any and all changes in your conditions.   Never stop taking prescriptions or treatments without consulting your physician first.  My services should be viewed as complimentary health care.