Kim has an amazing sense of knowing just where I carry imbalances in my body. She works with empathy and compassion; which is evident in the treatments she gives. I highly recommend seeing Kim, your body and soul will thank-you.

-Sharman Woynarski


I'll never forget my first experience. It felt like there were these mountains that started to form around me like I was instantly at the bottom of a picturesque mountain range in the summer. It felt amazing and when I was done I felt totally energized. I would recommend the healing to everyone. Talk to Kim first about your concerns. She'll be able to tell you if the treatment will be beneficial for you.

-Brad Zakreski


I injured my shoulder playing volleyball. She explained she could help me and I was extremely skeptical. Went to her for an hour and I was back to 100%. I was blown away. Not only was my shoulder feeling normal, my sore throat seemed to leave me instantly too. It was a fantastic experience. I would happily recommend her for treatment.

-Mike Helmsing



Kim Barrett


I am not medical physician or psychotherapist, so I cannot diagnose medical/psychological problems or give medical/psychological advice. Please consult the appropriate professionals for these issues.  My services should be viewed as complimentary health care.  See your physicians regularly and keep him\her informed of any and all changes in your conditions.  Never stop taking prescriptions or treatments without consulting your physician first.  I think it is wise to keep your physician informed of all your complimentary health care plans or interests.